Middle (6-8)

Middle (6-8)

Brain Pop

BrainPop has content for all subject areas. Students can log on and watch videos on anything interesting. After watching, students can interact with the games, quizzes, and other activities offered.


Have your students practice their typing skills for 10 minutes a day. When they come back to school, they’ll be typing masters!

Sown To Grow

This SEL program provides lessons and goal setting for students. The site offers daily or weekly check-ins with students to see and track how they’re feeling.


Students can make their own books and add their own graphics to create digital works of art. Teachers can have students create books on a subject and give them the whole week to work on it. Books can be shared via WebEx/Zoom and other students can provide feedback.

Make Beliefs Comix

In their free time, students can use this website to create fun and exciting comic books. When students can choose what to write, their imagination will surprise you!