Lower El (K-2)

Lower Elementary (K-2)

Mystery Doug

MysteryDoug is offering free videos and lesson plans to do at home. You can encourage students to do them with their family and then send you pictures of the fun!

Natgeo for Kids

National Geographic offers various articles, games, and videos for younger students.

Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw! is awesome for keeping the creativity going in little ones. You’re timed to draw something and a robot “narrates” as you draw. It’s engaging and a great brain break!


Wanting your students to read at home? GetEPIC is allowing teachers to offer free access to their online library until May/June. You can assign books or collections and follow-up with a GoogleForm after telling about the book they read.


GoNoodle! will have your kids moving around in the house when they need a break or just need to get up and move! It’s free for everyone. Encourage your students to download it at home.