How To2020-04-06T23:56:37+00:00

How To

Create an account2020-04-06T23:55:01+00:00

First click on “Login” on the top menu bar

Then click on the “New Account” tab

Fill in your information – all fields are required
Agree to the terms of service

Click on “Create Account”

Create a username2020-04-06T23:55:10+00:00

Please use the following format for your username:

example: Ashley_Kanoelani_2

This will allow other members of the forum to see your name and which school you teach at.

Ask a question2020-04-06T23:55:16+00:00

To ask a question, click on the “Ask a question” button on the right side of the menu bar.

Then fill out the question form:

Use a short, descriptive title for your question.
Describe your question and add details in the second section.
Select a category (K, Elem, Middle, High)
Add a few relevant tags to your question. Tags will help other forum members filter through and find questions relevant to them.
If necessary, you can also upload an image.
Then click submit.

Hooray! You just submitted a question to the forum.

Vote on a question2020-04-13T03:17:41+00:00

Voting lets other members of the forum know which question(s) you think are most relevant to you. Questions with higher votes will be pinned to the top of the forum. You can vote on a question by click on the question and then clicking on the green arrow on the left-hand side.

Upload an image2020-04-06T23:55:31+00:00

You can easily add attachments to a question or answer. Please make sure the document being uploaded is relevant. Harmful and inappropriate content will be removed. Make sure the file size is less than 1 mb. Acceptable files are .txt, .jpg, .pdf, and .png.